Olive trees are a treasure for the people of Greece. Olive oil production has been our family's tradition. Our grandfather back in 1931, draw guidelines which we still follow incorporating with the latest knowledge and technology. This is ELAiKOS, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from early harvest healthy green olives. With respect to tradition and long experience of our family for many years produce and sell our own pure, extra virgin olive oil. Giving great importance to quality, our olive oil is produced today with the most modern methods, cold pressed, (which gives the oil particularly beneficial features), and bottling under strict standards and certifications. 
Cultivating the soil. Nea Peramos 1931.
Αgriculturist Christodoulos Roumeliotis in the center of the team.

The Roumeliotis company has been building and selling or renting apartments and houses since 1975. Alongside this activity, since 1989 onwards developed a separate division, creating a craft, which is engaged in processing trade and Greek marble and most especially with stairs – marbles for windows - special dimensions tiles. Over 35 years we trading successfully, in various sectors, in Greek and international markets, always with honest and respect to our clients. That’s why there are business relations in trust. We will keep it that way and that is a promise.

Nea Peramos 1931. Grandfather Christodoulos Roumeliotis
coordinates the pruning team.