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The Certificate Test, also for this year's extra virgin olive oil ELAiKOS, confirms our expectations for a high quality olive oil, a product of our own region.

It is now indisputable that to eat right and quality olive oil, first of all in our own homes, we must follow some specific, easy steps, which (unfortunately still) is in stark contrast with today, decades established, fallacies of the older and younger olive oil producers. We must move away from the strict logic of "proportion". Of course we need to watch the figure, but according to the quality, because only this (quality) will go ahead.

Healthy olive fruit collection early, direct oil extraction by following the "gold standard" 30 minutes in the mixer in 30 degrees water temperature, proper storage without: oxygen, light and high temperatures, especially in summer. These are some simple things to produce excellent olive oil.

The same knowledge is unchanged, written by hand in old notes grandfather Christodoulos Roumeliotis (Athanasios) when he had studied the distant 1931 in the Agricultural School in Ioannina (also in the book of Theriu 1938), but that knowledge Unfortunately, through the decades it has been lost and needed to uncover some worthy people whom many like me have heard.

We continue along the path of quality.

Awards 2017

Gold Awards at the 2017 London International Quality Olive Oil Competition

Silver Award at the 2017 New York International Olive Oil Competition

Entry on the Italian Catalog Flos Olei 2018 - One of the top 500 "Best Olive Oils in the World!"


Harvest 2015

Certificate of Analysis (MultiChrom.Lab) 
KARAGIOLI ESTATE Quality check 1 (October 2015) / Quality check 2 (August 2016) - Organoleptic (August 2016)
NISI ESTATE Quality check 1 (October 2015) / Quality check 2 (August 2016) - Organoleptic (August 2016)

Harvest 2014

Certificate of Analysis (ICMEA) [English Text]

Certificate of Analysis (ICMEA) [Greek Text]

Harvest 2013

Certificate of Analysis (ICMEA) [English Text]

Oil Chemical Inspection (ICMEA) [English Text]

Harvest 2012

Certificate of Analysis (ICMEA) [English Text]