Nea Peramos is a town near Kavala in the north of Greece. Located between mountains and the north Aegean sea the grounds are blessed for cultivating olive trees and wine grapes from ancient times. 

Our olive grove is located in the area of a natural bay near the Greek town of Nea Peramos. The olive-groves are in several places in the area, in different altitudes (from 0 to 350 meters above sea level) breathing the salty air breeze producing flavors with different intensities.

This year also seems to have produced another exceptional olive oil, perhaps unique in aromas and flavor, mainly due to the olive variety Halkidiki (at most), but also Thrumba-Thassos and Koroneiki. These Greek varieties are well known and they combine taste and quality!

Our location is easy accesable, if you would like to visit and have a tour through our Olive trees, just email us.