Olive trees are a treasure for the people of Greece. Olive oil production has been a Roumeliotis family tradition for many decades now and we charish the secrets and are offering to share a quality product, such as "elaikos", with you.

For almost 40 years we cultuvate, prune and collect olives with traditional methods that uphold the true spirit of Greece.

Our olive trees are right by the north Aegean sea and breath the salty air breeze near the town of Nea Peramos by Kavala. Elaikos is an extra virgin olive oil, produced from first draft olives in the early days of October each year..

When you taste our olive oil you will appreciate the full flavor, the golden yellowish green color and the mediterranean aroma nested in the oil spirit gained from its surroundings.

We produce a high quality of extra virgin olive oil, using the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures with continuous hygiene controls. Due to the growing demand of the international market for quality olive oil we have started to sell and export abroad on internatioanl standards.

So we offer you "ELAIKOS".